Southwark Cathedral

I lit a candle for you.

The chapel was empty but the light was still shining through-

I don’t know why I did it, but I lit a candle for you 

and just as soon as I had,

I ran out clutching my heart and gasping for air

and I stood outside in the courtyard

looking at the exquisite gothic architecture and 

lines, avoiding the vortex of sadness

that constantly tries to take over my life.
Still, I lit a candle for you.
I don’t even know why-

You never believed in these things and neither do I.

Maybe I lit a candle to keep you alive

Somewhere between the archways of this cathedral and the glass stained windows all around.

I lit a candle for you 

And then had to run outside to breathe

because the only thing I can ever do for you now 

is light a candle for you,

and that doesn’t solve anything;

it doesn’t mean anything;

it doesn’t change anything. 

Still, I lit a candle for you 

maybe so others would see that I once loved and lost deeply, too;

I once believed in something, too.

Maybe I lit that candle 

for me.