Summer is my favorite season

I like how Summer feels

cool air blowing from a fan

perched on the windowsill

the humming of machinery

as it soothes the heat

my bare skin exposed to the elements

letting Mother Nature imprint herself on me

my body slowly becoming Summer

and Summer quickly becoming me.


I’ve been practicing the embodiment of sensuality

letting my lips pronounce the word languidly

my tongue saturating in the slow

slithering sound of the letters and vowels

my hips undulating their way from s- to- y

I’ve been making love to the divine within

caressing the holiness of her scars and

spreading tenderness over her soulskin

like healing balm

I’ve been letting the wild woman out

rediscovering parts of me I was

taught to hide behind shame

before my body even knew

what that meant-

no more.

just enough to keep things interesting

It takes time to find comfort in warmth

when all you’ve known are the scars

of being burned by fire

but he’s not fire this one-

he is water with a little bit of dirt

just enough to keep things


slowly I’m learning

to soften my walls and open

parts of myself that I’ve kept shut

for a long time now

slowly I’m learning

to bend so I can

hold all of him

without drowning

in love


passion odyssey

In the past I’ve had passions that felt

like sunshine during a rainstorm

and others that were quick currents

briefly bringing me further and further

away from the shore of who I am

passions that came and went

with barely a whisper

passions that got hot too quickly

and burned me like the sun in a mid-Summer day

passions that faded and those that persisted

passions that felt like the first ocean swim

and others that carried the thrill and

melancholy of the last

passions that broke me

and those that glued me back together

passions of desperate late night hands

and those of Sunday afternoon naps

passions that molded me into the woman I am today

one quick breath or long sigh at a time.

farewell, self

I like the idea of gifting funerals

to parts of me that

need to die.

I like the idea of offering them a prayer

and saying goodbye with gratitude

for all their teachings

before walking away

cradling new parts of me

in my arms

close to my heart

so they can grow right from the start

knowing so much


Stand by

Any minute now he may call.

so you wait.

hoping to hear the words you know will never come.


I’m sorry I took your light as my own

and wore it down to a spark

you deserve better than my selfishness.

you deserve a galaxy to shine in

not a dark, empty sky;

I’m sorry I took your time, your nights, your breath and words

I’m sorry I wanted so much

and didn’t give enough.


You wait.

but they never come.

Instead you get to choose between a selfish love or being alone

as if it was even a question-

either one leaves you where you’ve been except

a little sadder now than before.