winning myself over

I light the candles and lick my lips

I seduce myself with music

and offer my heart a serenade

I take a bath and indulge in the

sweet caress of my fingertips on my skin

I adorn my body in lingerie

red lace

barely covering my bits

I tousle my hair and let it fall as it pleases

and throw myself a kiss when I catch my reflection

in the mirror

my whole life I’ve gotten ready for others

but not today-

I show up for a date with myself

as the best version of me I can be

and win over my own damn heart

back again.

RIP to all the orgasms that could’ve been

There comes a time when a woman needs to bury her missed orgasms. Throw the bones of shame in the dirt. Once and for all.

It’s as if I’m just now learning to befriend my body. Telling the little girl inside me feeling pleasure isn’t a sin.

But feeling numb for years should be.

How much time was wasted in trying to achieve some holy state? When they taught me to pray they asked me to connect to a higher power, but tell me what is mightier than the universe between my legs?

I’m just now learning to explore. To confront my desires. To befriend them as well. I’m just now learning that there’s nothing wrong with my hands or anyone else’s bringing me pleasure if that’s what I want and was created for.

God is a woman.

So for God’s sake, just let her get off.