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I love when friends come to visit and we live an entire weekend wishing our lives could always be as wonderful as those few days spent together.


I love having breakfast on the dining table I never use with a friend I almost never get to see.


I love forgetting about all the work I should do for class the next morning and cooking dinner while drinking white wine and sharing good conversation instead.


I love, love, love to sit on my couch surrounded by good friends and laughter.


I love sneaking your best friend into your Business Association class and telling the Professor she is a potential transfer. I also love going to just one class on Thursdays when really there are another two classes I should go to as well. I love the “My bestie is in town” excuse. And I will milk it the entire weekend, thankyouverymuch.


Friendship is such a wonderful thing. It is the most beautiful and perfect love because it is both the beginning of it as well as its entire foundation. If you love your friends and your friends love you back, you lead a pretty excellent life.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- I have the best friends in the world.


Bring on the weekend.

Let’s get scandalous.


Days like these…

The days spent in fun always seem to be the ones who end more quickly. The last few hours fly past my head and I try to cling to every little bit of that ecstatic feeling the past few days of freedom have brought me. Days away from books and libraries and fluorescent lighting and cement. Why do the days spent with the people I love go by so fast? Sharing loud laughs and stories in the dark, laughing hard because the flight attendant impression is so perfect, or the Spaniard accent is spot on, and the British one is, I’m sad to say, still not impressing anyone yet.

Days of drinks and smokes, ocean breeze and jumps not high enough to make the facebook photo cut. Nights of live music in my living room, harmonies and melodies coming together, voices cut by giggles and more laughter.. so much laughter I cling to my heart in a bout of pain from too much joy. I love that laughter, the one that you can’t control, loud and uninhibited, probably making someone next door feel extremely lonely tonight. Laughter that puts me to bed with two others and wakes me up the following morning. Nights with a waterfall of diet tonic and club drinks made by a beginner mixologist and one returned club drink by the diva I love. So tonight I’ll make her another drink, and for everyone else here one more round. One more finger-lick of frosting, one more hug, one more song, one more picture we won’t like at all. It’s days and nights like these, and all the rest when we’re together, when I want to squeeze my friends hard and tell them over and over again how much I love them and how happy they make me. How much I need them and their laughter because sometimes we all feel alone enough to want to cry.

Days like these might not last us forever. But when they end, they all turn into sweet little memories I cherish.
1,2,3 JUMP!

1,2,3 JUMP!