Let’s get away.
Away from all the to-do’s and must-haves and shoulds that the world seems to constantly want to shove into our days. Away from schedules and alarm clocks.
I want to fall asleep under a starry sky held tight in your arms and wake up with your breath still hot on my neck. Let’s just go, follow the dirt road until we can’t anymore, until the river turns into a creek, until the air gets crisp, until we find the perfect spot to lose track of time. And then let’s stay there for a bit, immersed in the magic of it all, just you and me and the sunshine and the breeze and this life we have built. Darling, let’s go away for some time and live as if we’ve never known pain before. As if we’ve never been strangers to one another at one point in time. As if all we have is this moment, right here, right now, with the sun in our eyes and so much hope in our hearts for everything that’s still to come.


come on baby

give me your pain

let me take it away

because I’m the best getaway

haven’t you heard?

I’m the vacation you seek

so I give it all to me

leave it here, on the curve between

the beginning of my legs and the end of my hips

and when you leave

(because they always do)

you’ll remember me with sweetness

and dream in coming back to make me your home

but by then

it’ll already be too late

I’ll be taking someone else’s worries away

It’s what I do.

It’s how it’s been.

haven’t you heard?

I’m the best getaway.