For the love of women

the sad part is that there are so many living and still thinking

that women are just objects created to fulfill desires

“grab them by the pussy,” we still hear

and I’m sitting here,

wondering when they’ll learn to respect

our strength and bodies and hearts

and not just the wonder between our legs.

feminine wiles

it’s hard enough being a woman

why complicate things and become

a woman in love?

I’m fine on my own, I say

I’m fine on my own but I still want

your hands on me

your scent on my skin

because if this isn’t love

let’s at least enjoy the sin

so take a drink and I’ll take another

get undressed and I’ll follow

where would you like to have me now?

this is major league and I’m the MVP

you say you want to play this game?

well then, so do I

come on and give it to me straight up

because I’ve learned how to get what I need

why complicate things

and become a woman in love?

just being a woman is hard enough.