My life is my message

You have the control-
to create beauty, life, a world you can love living in.
These absolutely beautiful, homeless kids got paid the equivalent of about a dollar to watch my dad’s car while we had lunch at a river side restaurant in Brazil a few years ago. I never learned their names, but when I saw them running towards me after lunch, calling me “auntie,” I had to hug them all and take a picture so I could remember these faces. I love these children, and all the others like them, who are so needy for attention and a little love.
I look like a mess with my beach hair and no makeup on, yet this is one of my favorite pictures in the world. It reminds me that there’s a bigger purpose in life, one that involves bringing happiness and love to others who, when presented with an opportunity to shine, flash their biggest smile to for the world to see.
Don’t run, don’t cower. Hold on to those who need an embrace the most. Even if you don’t ever see them again, let them know that you care, that you have love to give, even if just for a minute of your day.
I think of these kids still. I think of them with a heart full of desire to change their world.
Every. Day.