Metamorphosis: it’s not just for butterflies

I love to catch myself doing something I never thought I would do. Cue in multiple events during my college years at UCSB, a lot of  the trips I’ve had the opportunity to take, and most recently, a very personal decision I’ve made that will forever change a couple of people’s lives.

I like knowing that I’m never the same person today as I was yesterday, last week, months or years ago. This ranges from my taste in food to my ideas and religious/political beliefs. Whether I have changed for better or for worse isn’t important, since it is a value judgment that is imposed on me by other people. There is no “good” or “bad” change. Essentially all change is a positive thing because it encompasses the ability to evolve, to transform, regardless of the who other people think we should be.

The truth is that humans are not machines. As such, we let ourselves be affected and transformed by the people we meet, the things we see, and all the other events in our lives. And it is beautiful to know that the person we think we are today might not be there tomorrow.

Metamorphosis. It’s not just for butterflies.