Mornings Like This

There is comfort laying still in the silence between us

Who are you, dear?

Have you also been searching for 

mornings like this?
With my feet wrapped around and between your legs,

I am silent and still

At peace

As our newest favorite song plays on repeat
Mornings like this

Is what everyone dreams of

And not many get to have

So if I get nothing else from you but this quiet morning with your warm body beside me

Let me tell you now how much I love it-

To have you become a fixture in my world,

even if briefly

On mornings like this. 



A book for breakfast,
this song as my soundratck
my pillows?
my fortress
protecting me from the world of logic out there
I love this company
of books,
and silences,
of old songs I’ve grown to love-
and many times, I loved his as much as this
Simple things
Don’t ask for much
But for a little time
to share
like this,
with you.