self love

I made love to myself today-

I sat in front of the mirror and slowly seduced my reflection, touching my curves here and there, lowering my shirt inch by inch to expose my breasts. I caressed my silky smooth legs and grabbed my ass the way I know it likes to be handled, I bit my lips and arched my back and took in the vision that is me, in this body, tan and glistening against the white covers. I massaged my favorite spots until I couldn’t anymore, the pleasure bubbling up then pouring out of me as I locked eyes with myself in the mirror.

And there it was- the fire in me that I adore

the thirst for magic that isn’t easily quenched draining slowly from my spine

my body melting into stillness

my heart enamored with all the ways I’ve found

to love myself.

to worship this sacred skin I’m in

and honor the divine within.


We sweat out the sheets

lose our breath trying to keep up with passion

misplace fingertips to find places that

gift shivers down the spine

and lend lips to the other in an

offering of pleasure.


This bed is our temple

where we call out to God

with eyes closed

in the hope that we

can stay in this heaven



RIP to all the orgasms that could’ve been

There comes a time when a woman needs to bury her missed orgasms. Throw the bones of shame in the dirt. Once and for all.

It’s as if I’m just now learning to befriend my body. Telling the little girl inside me feeling pleasure isn’t a sin.

But feeling numb for years should be.

How much time was wasted in trying to achieve some holy state? When they taught me to pray they asked me to connect to a higher power, but tell me what is mightier than the universe between my legs?

I’m just now learning to explore. To confront my desires. To befriend them as well. I’m just now learning that there’s nothing wrong with my hands or anyone else’s bringing me pleasure if that’s what I want and was created for.

God is a woman.

So for God’s sake, just let her get off.

30 days

Shadows dance across my ceiling

I’m alone

except for his scent

still lingering on my sheets

baby powder and testosterone

thirty days later

I give in to the sweetest sin

because he already knows

my weakness is his tongue

warm on my skin

his arms, strong

hold me together after all the pleasure

and his lips, flushed and swollen from my teeth,

whisper You’re beautiful in my ear-

This is the way I forget about

all the things you decided not to give me, dear.

and with his words I push away

any leftover traces

of you.