These Days

It started pouring rain

I sought shelter underneath a giant mushroom

Then remembered I had an umbrella


I stood staring at the sky

As raindrops formed puddles around my feet

Fantasizing about the rain

washing everything away

Clean slate


This is who I am these days.


Rain drops distort the flickering lights outside my window to a somber blur

The stillness finds me restless

But the silence doesn’t move me to speak

and break the serenity I feel in this moment,

under the covers

Hiding from everyone but me


Slipping deeper into myself,

I search the corners of my heart and mind

Not for answers

Not for questions

But for a statement that will enlighten me

Where so many others have failed


Some days I am my own greatest companion

My body and mind know what to do to give me pleasure

And in this stillness

I cherish the thoughts I keep unshared-

Secrets are so delectable.