spring & rebirth

outside the window

branches once bare are

full of foliage

and I don’t advertise it but

I love trees so much because

I know what it’s like

to feel dead for so long

and then suddenly be brimming with life-

Spring has a whole new meaning now

and the fresh budding that surrounds me

seems like a miraculous rebirth

that will never again

feel mundane.


sunshine prayer

sweet sunshine

seep through my skin and settle

deep down into my heart

fill it with the hope of Spring and the promise

of budding trees and blossoming flowers

remind it that everything has a cycle

a beginning and an end

and that rebirth always follows death

again and again and again

teach it to be strong and unwavering

just like you are-


darkness may come

but it always bows down

to the light.

A day in the Fall

clouds float by and dissipate

one into the other

almost bare branches

hold on to dead leaves

as if they have forgotten

the promise of Spring

change is necessary

I want to remind them

to reach out and shake off all those leaves

and watch them fall to the ground,

one by one kissing their final resting place


but I’m not Father Time

and it’s beyond my power to force transformation

on trees and people and my heart

if all are not ready yet


So I sit and watch clouds dissipate

one into the other

leaving a faint trace of themselves behind

before taking on a new shape and

embarking on a new path.



born again

he makes me believe again
in lightness of being
in happiness
my lips don’t want to miss
a single part of his body
my mind wants to undress his completely
my heart no longer so reluctant
to give itself away
no, not to him
he makes me believe again
my eyes want to memorize
the blue of his eyes
my legs wrap around his like vines
keeping him near
keeping him close
breathing in his scent as if it were oxygen
I no longer know who I am
for who was I before him?
I don’t care to know
I don’t need to know
I’m free of the past
and he’s the new beginning
I’ve been asking for.