He pulled her out into the street and with his arm around her waist, he started to sway both their bodies back and forth, a crooked smile on his face giving away his intentions.

Her feet fumbled to follow along, which made her feel grateful that their only audience then were the rows of bushes lit up in Christmas lights. It was 2 a.m. and they were drunk, but the thrill of sharing a silent dance in the middle of the street with a stranger  was far more intoxicating than all the alcohol ingested in the last couple of hours. And lucky for him, she had always been a sucker for magic and romance. For silent nights and all the possibilities in life that leads one to connect with a total stranger.

So she let him hold her small palms in his rough hands and inched herself closer to get high off his suffering, moving her body right along to his unbalanced feet as she breathed in his pain and breathed out comfort. Tonglen. A lion’s roar could’ve been heard coming from her heart then- it you had been around and were connected enough to listen.

She understood how darkness felt.

She knew he needed saving.

And as luck would have it, sometimes she liked to switch parts and become someone else’s savior for a change. Every now and then she needed to be the one who was seen as strong.

Playing Damsel in Distress was starting to get old.

What type of warrior are you?

Another dagger in the heart

You’d think by now that 

I’d have learned how 

to use my shield,

how to wield my sword…

Guess I’m just not

the type of warrior 

who fights off love. 

Would You?

Been wanting to write

but the subject is always the same lately-


That smile and eyes and mouth and lips and arms and hands and strength and embrace that makes me feel so small; so cared for.

I’d like to write about the sky, the mountains of this town, the falling leaves and autumn sun..  but they don’t compare to the feelings you stir up inside of me

so I run away sometimes, afraid of this

Afraid of being too available that you stop chasing me-

Don’t want to keep running

but if I stay put,

Would you stay with me?

Elusive creatures are attractive for a reason

If you think you can have me,

Would you still want me?


With Me

You kissed me
And now your lips
are my muse
and mine
Yours to own

And when these lines got blurry
I could no longer keep you at a distance
So I pulled you close
resting my legs on your legs
and I let you see me;

Or whatever version of her I am today

But kiss me again
and then, once more
And if I run, run with me darling
Don’t try and hold me back;
But don’t go and run ahead of me-
If I hide, come seek me
Don’t overthink it
I say what I mean
I am who I seem
And I want you

with me.

My Favorite Morning Kiss

Got you on my skin
Your taste on my tongue
Your breath in my lungs
Your heart, here
keeping time with mine

Our legs wrapped like twine
I’ve got much love left to give
So I watch you sleep
Feel your lips with bruised fingertips
Until I memorize your face
Burn the picture of you on my brain

Darling, it’s amazing
Who you’ve made of me
Who you make me want to be
And how quickly you’re becoming my life’s melody;
My favorite morning kiss.


I thought I had found my spot

but in the nook between your shoulder and neck

is where my head belongs

So I close my eyes and inhale your scent

Deeply, so I can feel  you inside me again

You smell like you

I like that

With your small town charm and strong arms

I look at you in disbelief most times

As I realize, all the way over here from my airplane seat,

That God  really was listening to me, after all



Yes Darling, lovesick

Don’t need any medicine for it either

Oh no, I want to drown in this

To die like this

In the nook between your shoulder and neck,

During the silent touches exchanged between us

The calm after the storm,

The caresses I give you  to make up for all the scratches and scars

Yes, I got my claws

But I also have a heart

And when you lay there and call me “you” with those eyes

Those are the moments I wait for in life

And I never knew it before, but I do now

So I’ve been living for the moments when, if even for a second, I forget who I am, who you are, and we enter another dimension together, as if in a brand new life;

as if a world of opportunity just opened up before us;

and the only ones who share this secret are you and I-

I wait for these moments,

when I both lose and find myself in you

In this,

In us,

In Omaha.


Small town boy

You’ve given me the world

Least I can do

is bring you with me to the stars.







Stupid Happy

Rubbing the sleep off your eyes

You give me that face

The one that still looks surprised

To find me laying here beside you.


Darling, have I told you yet just how much I like you?

I’m sure my eyes have betrayed me

If my mouth has somewhat managed

to stay silent this long


It’s not like me to fall like this

It’s not safe to be this unafraid

This comfortable,

this bare,

this happy around you.

But if the other shoe’s gotta drop

I bet I can catch it before we both hit the floor


A little faith, love

Maybe scars can heal

Hearts made new

Maybe you’re my salvation

Or maybe it’s just finally our turn

to be stupid happy

in life

in love.



Watching shadows dance

My bare body against yours

Feeling your warmth as I taste your lips

Oh, these are all my new favorite things


I want to know your story

Your dreams and plans;

Want to hear your heart whisper my name

See your eyes look into me, burning right through my skin

as if I’m a fallen angel

Sent here just for this moment,

and all the others we’ll have

Laying here,


Biting your skin

Feeling the weight of your body on mine

While shadows dance,

and dance,

and dance…