and you?

been spending more time than usual

listening to the familiar,

coming home to myself,

healing the scabs instead of picking at them;

been keeping my words on lips

and lined pages,  been investing

in the power of my lungs and strength

of my heart;

been keeping my tears safe

and my mind wild,

been living the love I have yet to have

and holding on to the hope that everything that’s been

just precedes even better days.



the pair of hands I need

how to trust new hands when every pair in the past reached towards you, compelling you to let go, but failed to hold on when you finally fell?

I need hands that don’t retract out of fear,

hands with strength to hold the weight of my heart,

hands that touch my soul as much as my skin,

hands that stay, hands that are warm, hands that linger in the right space between lust and love,

hands that care,

hands that speak without needing any help from lips,

hands with purpose,

fighting hands that know what they want and can tell when they find it,

hands not afraid to reach for the unknown with me,

hands that never look back or too far forward,

hands that are present to hold and love me the only way the right pair of hands can.