do you speak silence?

it takes a lot to handle me

a certain mix of fragile strength and courage is required

for I am an a cappella song echoing through the walls

the knock on the door at midnight after you’ve turned off the lights

a sunset on fire and water crashing on the shore wrapped up in

the stillness of a starry sky

the undulating hips on the dance floor

the voice speaking to flowers in vases

the body smoking nude on the grass

The hand, writing

lips red when everyone else’s are bare

eyes staring

still wide open and curious for the unknown.


Time tick-tocks its way into another tomorrow

and it gets more and more difficult

to find someone who will learn my silences

and speak within them.


at first

the silence was deafening.

I had almost forgotten how much

he likes to talk.


the silence feels settled.

like a warm blanket I wrap myself around.




I’ve barely spoken a word

in the last three days

and sure, I’m heartbroken

but somehow I’m also

in total bliss.