I used to scream from the front seat of your blue convertible

my arms sticking straight out of the car as if reaching for the sky

then I’d say C’mon, let’s live! and scream again

because it’s summer and right now I love you

just the way you are and you

love me-

my screaming mouth and wild hair

blowing in the wind

forming into knots…

You loved the shit out of the crazy in me.


And I loved you for that.




Summer Time

I could hear the sound of flowing water

And a melody of hundreds of crickets

Accompanied by chirping birds

And every now and then,

A barking dog for good measure


The sun had gone down into the horizon

It’s light lingering around the mountains

Cloaking them with a beautiful light

What I imagine peace would look like

If it could be seen


My bare legs craved the sun

And my toes fidgeted

Remembering once again the feeling of grass beneath them


The air crisp

Mountain fresh

And in the pale blue sky,

I counted only three clouds


I’ve been waiting for this day

For this moment

For you

Like a bride on her wedding night


Oh, Summer

You’re all mine.

Tie Dye & Rose Colored Glasses

They came,

colored in tie dye and rose colored glasses

to sit by creeks,

to dance under the sun and moon and stars…

Some to find themselves,

Some to lose themselves.


They came, in clusters of jingling bells and braided hair

To feel at home in the middle of nowhere,

to create a bond with complete strangers,

to learn to smile at all the absurdity of life.


They came, 

and danced, and kissed, and cried, and watched day turn into night 

and then left three moons later,

renewed and confident in nothing

except the certainty that sensitive souls aren’t alone in this world.