The Thankful Bus

Everyone is thankful these days. And it’s not even Thanksgiving.

I hear a gentleman say “Thanks” to the bus driver as he steps out into the street with me. Then, with my feet firmly planted on the cold pavement, a robotic voice coming from the bus kindly says “Thank You” to me and anyone else standing close enough to hear it. Yes, even busses are grateful for us humans these days.

The barista at the coffee shop thanks you for your order as she hands you that coffee, the towel girl at the gym thanks you and wishes you a good day, the farmers at the market’s stands thank you for purchasing their crops…

And I wondered: with so many kind, grateful people around to thank me for my menial gestures and outright responsibilities, do I ever return such kindness to myself?

I can’t remember the last time I thanked myself for doing something good for my body. I exercised this morning and had a green smoothie, and didn’t even think about mentally thanking myself for my wise healthy decisions. Why is it that we treat ourselves so much worse than we do strangers? Why is it that even a mode of transportation like the bus can thank us for merely going along for the ride, and we still can’t thank ourselves when we do good for our soul, for humanity, for that little ant you deliberately didn’t step on?

Be kind to yourself. Don’t just look in the mirror and place the blame for all the terrible things that may happen to you on your own two shoulders. Sure, we could always be better. But now and then, we are good. In fact, now and then, we are really good.

So thank yourself.

Everyone else seems to be doing it already.