first date

“Water is essential for hydration,” he said in between small sips.

I knew I liked him then.

I had never seen anyone talk about water for so long on a first date before. And even if I never got to love him after that, at least I loved him then; in that brief moment, that short circuit in the Universe on just another ordinary Friday in the Fall.

On My Skin


The wind blew my hair left, then right

I closed my eyes

so I could feel its weight against my skin;

feel its power pushing and pulling my body back and forth;

I’m strong, but he was stronger

So finally I whispered:

” take me wherever you want”

and we danced together under the full moon,

until I was able to see things clearly with eyes closed


The wind moved me, swayed with me,

it picked me up and kissed my fears away


The wind that moves oceans

Took enough time to care for me that night

And I, like water, started to flow away in search of new experiences

But I couldn’t,

No, I wouldn’t

Forget the pull of the wind and his power over me

So I  continued the course

and carried the wind with me,

on my skin.