Between The Lines

Like leather and lace,

the light within the flame,

hard and soft, to be held and not just hold

plastic wings and dusty feet

Babe, I like to be messy-haired and keep my feet bare,

To see your face and read your eyes

The words coming through your lips may lie, but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think I can read between the lines

Yea I’m a lover, but I’ll fight for love

I’ll fight for you, with you, leave on you my marks, call you my lover until there’s nothing in between us but whatever air is left in our exhausted bodies, bare, glistening because we did it right

Listen here, read these lips because I’ll only say it once:

I want you more than I want the sun on a summer day

I want to forget my name

To fall again,

maybe for you.

Do you know what to call me yet?

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