6,089 Miles Away


Sometimes I worry about my brother. I read his blog, read the words that were written so intensely, conveying feelings of despair and sadness. I think to myself: he’s so young to feel like this. His life has barely begun! But then I remember that there’s no exact age to be heartbroken, no exact age to feel the pain of betrayal. And it’s in these moments whenI wish I could take it all away and make him see the trees and think they’re beautiful again. But I can’t. There’s nothing I can do but be here for him, somehow, digitally from 6,089 miles away. And that kills me.

circa 2008
Categories Poetry

3 thoughts on “6,089 Miles Away

  1. I guess i know that powerless feeling……so….and i’ve been reading his blog too…i guess i’m starting to get it…i wish i could be closer…but i can’t…so all i’ve got is my prayers..

    Love you


  2. *are my prayers..


  3. I can imagine how you feel. Though Karyne and I are the same age, it kills me when she is disappointed for any reason. As preacher kids, we all know these feelings begin earlier than we would really like (yes, even the heartbreaks, despairs, and sadness-es). Well, one thing I know for sure: the earlier it begins, the younger we start to get it.


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