If you’ve been curious,

if you’ve been thinking about me,

about us-



I’m still cursing your name under my breath

Trying to  understand why

I was never enough to warrant a few minutes of your time

after all the hours we spent losing track of it.


Anger fills my heart

Tell me, how should I handle it?

My heart only recognizes love

And curse as I may

You’re still here;

In the flakes of snow that fall from the sky,

In the concrete buildings of the city,

In a farmer’s hands,

In your mother’s eyes;

You’re worlds apart and still,

I find you everywhere-

I write for you,

I sing for you,

I cry for you,

I pray for you,

I pretend things are great for you,

I even lie to myself for you.


I don’t know how much more predictive I can be

I was a fool,

And you just took advantage of it


That day you asked if I always fell for jerks

I said “not always”

Thinking  you wouldn’t be another one of them;

So don’t

Don’t try 

And I won’t any longer.


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